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Personal Background: I am originally from a small steel town in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia. Growing up in a small American steel town has made me grateful for my roots and appreciative of the hard work it takes to be successful.

College Background: I am currently a senior Industrial Engineering student at West Virginia University and will be graduating in December 2019.

Professional Background: Throughout my time in college I have been blessed with the opportunity to have co-ops and internships at Deloitte, Altec Industries, and Leidos. From manufacturing to tech consulting and everything in between, my diverse background has enabled me to have a unique problem solving approach when confronted with any problem.

Hobbies: Basketball, Reading, Drinking Coffee, and Spending time with Family

Interests: Data Science & Visualization, Blockchain, 3D Printing

Personal Blog:

Why more Industrial Engineers should consider a career in Data Science & Analytics

November 11th 2018

This blog post discusses why more Industrial Engineers should think about data science and analytics as a career path. Throughout the past year I have been exposed to data science and analytics during internships and personal projects. As an…

Sports based intro to pandas and matplotlib

October 21st 2018

This blog post is an introduction to using pandas and matplotlib by comparing the teammates of LeBron and Jordan during their careers. Over the past couple months I've taken a deeper dive into the world of programmatic based data science and wanted…

LeBron vs. Jordan Power BI Dashboard

September 30th 2018

This blog post is on Data Visualization and how it was used to create The G.O.A.T. Dashboard (as seen below). In summary, I hope that this dashboard adds meaningful value to anyone discussing the LeBron vs. Jordan debate. I encourage people to take…