Lebron vs. Jordan Data Visualization

This project was done to improve my skills in data visualization. In previous internships I was able to create dashboards using tools such as Arcadia Data but had no way of showing those visualizations outside of work.

This was when I decided to begin creating my own data science portolio. I have always been a basketball fan and thought it would be unique to create a dashboard that combines all aspects of LeBron and Jordan's career into one central location for anyone to view.

Because I wanted to increase my skills using both visualization tools and programmatic based data science tools; I created a Power BI Dashboard and a Jupyter Notebook.

The links below will take you to my plog posts about this project where I take a deeper dive into the topic:

  • LeBron vs. Jordan Power BI Dashboard Blog Post
  • LeBron vs. Jordan Jupyter Notebook Blog Post
  • Data Science Portfolio

  • Personal blog, website, and YouTube Channel

    This project was done to create platforms where I can share projects I have worked on and topics that I am passionate about. Some of these include data science, blockchain (specifically cryptocurrencies), and 3D Printing.

    I am a true believer in sharing knowlege with others. Throughout college I have learned many skills from awesome professors, classmates, and internships. My goal is to now share these skills in hopes of helping younger students beginning their college career.

    The links below will take you to my YouTube channel and website home page where you will find my most recent blog posts:

  • YouTube Channel
  • Personal Blog

  • 3D Printing

    3D Printing Photo

    This is a continuing project that I am very passionate about. I have two 3D Printers that are used for personal and professional projects.

    I have used my multi-color printer for multiple professional projects for a professor here at WVU. These projects consisted of working with the professor and other designers to ensure proper design criteria and quality were met when parts were 3D printed.

    Below is a list of several things I have 3D printed for personal projects:

  • Drone Chassis
  • Millenium Falcon and Tie Fighter
  • Bottleopener, Vase, and Coasters
  • Customized team hockey pucks